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London has been experiencing a heat wave like we have only dreamt of. Temperatures have hit highs of up to 31 degrees and It has been like this for at least 3 weeks now. I am loving it! This summer weather has lifted up our spirits after a very long (yet fun) winter. We can freely wear flip-flops, sun dresses and sun glasses. Thank god for this summer weather and I hope that it continues for a long time.

Brighton Beach, England

Brighton Beach, England

We took advantage of the summer weather by taking a train to Brighton. We spent a few hours at the port playing games and enjoying the scenery.

Playing games at Brighton Pier

Playing games at Brighton Pier (we won a few toys!)

We had a delicious Japanese lunch which was recommended by a friend. This was after eating a few plates of seafood at one of the kiosks by the beach. We do love our food!

Brighton Pier and Brighton Beach, England

Brighton Pier and Brighton Beach, England

Then, we found a nice spot on the pebble beach to chat and have a sleep under the sun. The beach was packed with families and friends having a great time. Some were trying to get a tan, others were under an umbrella. Paddle boarders were enjoying the still water and swimmers were splashing about. I even spotted a small boy trying to make a ‘sand castle’ with the pebbles. He could not understand why adding water to his pile of pebbles would not a sand castle make. It was too cute!

Brighton Beach, England

Brighton Beach, England

It reminded me of the times that I spent at the beach with my friends and family back in Australia. We’d build sand castles and moats. We’d have barbecues for every occasion, roller blade or jump the ocean waves. The beach is such a happy place regardless of where you are in the world!

What is your favourite beach and memory there? Comment below and let us know.

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