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On the 27th July, St Paul’s Cathedral bells will ring to mark the royal birth of the Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge who was born to Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and Catherine (aka Kate), the Duchess of Cambridge. As I mentioned in my previous post, this royal baby has had England and the rest of the world in a flurry. People even put money on the name, weight and sex of the baby while others made the journey to London just to get a glimpse of Kate and Will as they exited the hospital with the baby.

St Paul's Cathedral, London

St Paul’s Cathedral, London

I work close to St Paul’s Cathedral. I have walked across the Millennium Bridge and admired the view of the Thames River countless times. When you have lived in an area for a long time (even though you are an expat), you start to lose sight of the small things that makes it unique. You forget that people travel long distances just to get a glimpse of London’s summer.

The view from the Millennium Bridge

The view from the Millennium Bridge

So, during my lunch time, I decided to be a bit of a tourist in my ‘home town’. The area that surrounds St Paul’s Cathedral is charming. There were people enjoying their lunch just outside while others were taking a photo with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background. I spotted a cycling tour that had stopped at the end of the bridge to talk about it’s importance.

London’s Millennium Bridge is the first pedestrian river crossing over the Thames in central London for more than a century. (http://www.londonmillenniumbridge.com)

That is pretty cool isn’t it?

St Paul's Cathedral (and surrounding area), London, UK

St Paul’s Cathedral (and surrounding area), London, UK

I admired St Paul and remembered how beautiful it was when Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana were married there. This happened before I was born but I remember watching the replays when I was a small child. Her Cinderella-like dress, her tiara and long veil still fascinates so many brides and was even used as inspiration (in part) on my wedding day.

There is so much history in London and I plan to spend the rest of the summer learning more about it.

What do you love about your current home town? Please comment below and share with us all.

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