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I love lobster. If I could eat lobster every day, I would. In fact, every time I visit a different city, I look out for a good lobster meal.

Living in London, we have been spoilt for choice and there is massive competition. That is why I like to eat at places recommended by my foodie friends. They have already tried the not-so-good stuff and have their favourites for a reason.

My friend came across the blog Wanderlust and Bake whose explanation of Bobs Lobster made me want to try it immediately!

When we arrived at Borough Markets, it was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was out enjoying a drink. The Bobs Lobster van was crowded with locals and tourists wanting to enjoy a lobster meal in a relaxed setting. The chefs were in their Bob Lobster van making the grub, the waiters were wearing bow ties taking orders and calling out customer names when their food was ready. The patrons were sitting in their deck chairs soaking in some sunshine and preparing to eat a delicious lobster meal!


We ordered a Lobster Mac n Cheese and a Lobster Roll to take away and enjoy by the Thames River. The Mac n Cheese was made fresh –  I saw him start to make it. Though we waited 20 minutes for the Mac N Cheese, it was worth it. The pasta was cooked to perfection and accompanied generous chunks of lobster which was covered by a smooth, creamy cheese sauce. To add to the flavour, dried onions were sprinkled on top.


The lobster roll was my favourite  and brings home a gold medal for its soft, buttery brioche roll filled with a generous chunk of lobster claw and an oh so creamy home-made mayonnaise. Each bite was pure heaven! The lobster meat was perfectly cooked  but I would have eaten the brioche roll with mayonnaise on its own too! That is how good these ingredients were!


On the way home, it started to rain but were glad to see that this did not stop people from enjoying their night out. Ah, I love how Londoners do not let a bit of rain get in the way!


What’s the verdict? Definitely worth a try if you want your lobster fix at a reasonable price. I’ll be back again for sure!

How far would you travel to eat a good meal? Comment below and let me know.

Other amazing lobster meals I have tried:

  • In Santorini: Naoussa Restaurant in Santorini serve a delicious lobster spaghetti
  • In London: Burger Lobster serve only lobster or burger and is worth a try
  • In London: Ill Bordello is located in residential London but I still go here frequently for my lobster spaghetti fix!
  • In Lisbon, Portugal: Cerverjaria Ramiro is a local favourite in Lisbon and will serve you a freshly grilled lobster

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