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There is so much to do in London. They say that if you get tired of London, you get tired of life! You can spend weeks in London and never get bored.

Just to set things straight, I’m not leaving London. My good friend, Andrea, was leaving London and another good friend, Nirlep, was arriving in London. We had spent hours catching up over lunch and realized that we only had about 3 hours left of sight-seeing, hence the inspiration for this post.


Andrea also needed to get herself acquainted with London. She had spent the past 2 years using London as a base to travel Europe, and just when she had only one weekend left in London, she realized that she and London had not really gotten to know each other. London was the neighbor that you would see on your way to work but never wave to because you were in a rush to leave home. Andrea could mostly remember the gloomy days of winter rather the colourful leaves during autumn, the flowers in Spring and cloudless days of summer.

I was on a mission to show her some of my favourite places in London, all in the space of 3 hours.

Let me know what you think and if you have any other suggestions!

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the British Royal family. The best time to see Buckingham Palace is during the Changing of the Guards ceremony when the crowds are plenty, the royal band is playing, and the horses are prancing. If you’re interested in reading about this, click here.


When you visit, check out Green Park (next door) as it’s a wonderful place for chilling out, having a picnic or people watching!


My friends and I spent a good amount of time admiring Buckingham Palace and its beautiful facade. Queen Elizabeth opens the doors of Buckingham Palace to the public every summer, so I am taking my parents there when they come to visit me next month!

Tower Bridge

I have described this bridge many times in my blog. To me, it has become the symbol of London. London’s beauty. London’s grandness.  London’s ability to look glamorous, even in the rain. We did not get to visit the Tower Bridge with my friend, but I did not want to leave it out of this post. The Tower Bridge deserves a special mention. Plus, Nirlep had already seen the Tower Bridge and Andrea promised me that she had driven past it at least once!

Tower Bridge, London

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is purely buzzing with excitement, from the street performers to the crowds of people running about. Piccadilly Circus was one of the first places I visited when I arrived in London and even though I frequent this location, I still find it exciting. I especially love walking along the nearby streets to admire the architecture. Gorgeous buildings don’t you think?


I have spent many nights trying out new restaurants and bars around Piccadilly Circus. I have made many memories here with old friends and new friends. I have sat in a red, double-decker bus when Christmas lights filled the city and again when the Queens Silver Jubilee boosted London’s spirits. I have walked through Piccadilly Circus to reach some of my favourite theatre shows and giggled with my friends on the way to a movie.


Piccadilly Circus will always be special to me.

The London Eye and the Thames River

The London Eye is not just an oversized Ferris wheel, but one of London’s most famous sites. We did not get the chance to ride the London Eye, but we had time to admire its structure as it overlooked the Thames River. I have been told that the London Eye gives the best view of London on a sunny day or just when the fog is about to settle. Every experience is different so it is worth the ride.


Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

When Nirlep asked to see Big Ben, I had a mind blank and thought it was the London Eye! Then I remembered the Elizabeth Tower which is located close to the Houses of Parliament.  This Tower holds ‘Big Ben’, a large bell which has been placed on its side but still manages to ring.


Big Ben was initially installed in the Elizabeth tower until a crack appeared. It was eventually rebuilt but had to be installed sideways due to its large dimensions. Big Ben was able ring but a crack appeared again. The bell remained silent until the 1800s when a scientist figured out a way to enable the bell to continue ringing and the crack to stop from spreading. The bell continues to ring on cue to this day.

Westminster Abbey


Westminster Abbey was founded by the Benedictine Monks and has been used as the coronation church since the 10th century.  Not only is it a remarkable piece of gothic architecture, but it is also the church where Will and Kate, aka the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had their wedding! Love it!


What did you think of our 3 hour tour? What would you have done differently? Comment below and let me know!

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