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Hola Chicos y Chicas! I spent a glorious 3 days in Malaga during the August long weekend and I must say – it was so hot! The weather in Malaga ranged from 30 to 40 degrees and I was melting!

Malaga is a city in Spain that is often overlooked by tourists who want to visit the trendy parts of Spain. Malaga is not my favourite Spanish city, but it has a lot to offer in the ways of Spanish culture.


Malaga is famous for its assortment of fried fish and fried tapas in general! The plates of tapas are carried around by waiters and you make your selection by pointing at your chosen dish. For more up market restaurants, you can order a nice meal and get your tapas and other meals served to your table.


Our favourite place was the El Pimpi because it was hustling and bustling with Spanish flavour. We were seated in a room which was decorated with wine barrels with pictures drawn on them. As we inspected the barrels, we could see that they were signed by people who had visited El Pimpi in the past, including one of my favourite Spanish actors, Antonio Banderas!

El Pimpi, Malaga

El Pimpi, Malaga

The Old Town

When we wandered around the Old Town we spotted roman ruins and flamboyant activity all around! There was a festival going on and it was amazing to see all the action, from people chucking around a big, blown, up ball to girls dressed up in flamenco dresses. Love it!


Malagueta Beach

The beach was my favourite place in Malaga, especially during such humid conditions. We spent hours swimming in the buoyant, still, salty waters of Malagueta. It was bliss!


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