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Let’s get serious about Spain. In every Spanish city, I have noticed a number of underlying characteristics of Spanish culture. No matter how different the cultures and traditions are across Spain, one thing rings true. There is always a sense of community, a feeling of family, friendship and pride in their history.

Alicante’s Culture

When we visited Alicante a few weeks ago, my favourite observation was the fact that families and friends were gathered in parks and plazas. It made me smile to see three generations sit together (grandparents, parents and children) to eat a meal in the many outdoor restaurants, or to see friends sharing plates of tapas while sipping wine. I just love Spanish culture!


Alicante encapsulates everything I love about Spain. We enjoyed eating tapas in a Spanish bar where my Spanish language skills came in handy! It was either that or use sign language. There was an English menu but not a word of English was spoken in the restaurant. Love it!


Delicious Spanish tapas that we ate at El Canto

Amazing Architecture

The streets are clean and the architecture is elegant with a truly Spanish flair.



This particular marble walkway was designed to make you feel like you have traveled back in time. There are palm trees and cute little market stalls spread across the walk way.


Santa Barbara Castle

We enjoyed exploring Santa Barbara Castle, which is considered one of the largest fortresses in the Europe. Santa Barbara Castle was built on top of Benacantil Mountain and is most visible from the beach (below).


Alicante’s beach is great for swimming or just enjoying the view of the Santa Barbara Castle (not seen in this picture)

Santa Barbara Castle is no longer a working castle but comes complete with 10th century weapons used to protect the castle walls and various museum-like sections that depict Alicante’s history.

Alicante's Santa Barbara Castle

Alicante’s Santa Barbara Castle


What I love about the exhibits is that you learn about Alicante’s history from the perspective of all walks of life. We viewed old photographs taken of gypsies that lived on the street, families swimming in the ocean to aristocrats wining and dining. The fashion may have changed but the spirit of community obviously has not. It is amazing how much you learn about history just from looking at a bunch of old photographs!

Old Photographs displayed in Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante

Old Photographs displayed in Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante

Santa Barbara Castle also gives you the best view of Alicante!

Santa Barbara Castle gives you the best views of Alicante

Santa Barbara Castle gives you the best views of Alicante

We spent a day in Alicante which was the perfect amount of time for us. Alicante is only a train ride from the orange-tree region of Valencia, which is where we traveled to next. Stay tuned for the next blog post about Valencia, but first, I’d like to know…

What is your favourite Spanish city and why? Comment below and kick off the conversation.

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