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I remember as a child, I used to wait for my mum to finish reading her Woman’s Day magazines so that I could flick through them and look at what the British Royals were up to. Now that I live in London, I feel even more excited to visit some of these places with my parents.


I have been to Windsor Castle before, but this time was different. I was able to show my parents around a real British Castle! They loved it. We spent hours exploring the gardens and scenery.


Mum marvelled at the Castle interior filled with porceline ornaments, lavish draperies, chandeliers and gold gilded furniture.


While in the mean time, Dad would furrow his brow and wonder out loud why the royal chairs were so small.

“Were people much smaller back then? How does the Queen fit into this tiny child sized chair” He asked me.

Bless him. It was enough for me to stifle a giggle while I explained that this furniture goes back about 200 years when people were actually much smaller then.

Dad of course had to follow the guards around and pretend to be one of them.


Mum was wondering whether the Queen was in town. Unfortunately, the Queen was in Scotland at the time so we couldn’t have tea with her this time. I’ll give her more notice next time. 😉

What’s your favourite British Castle? Let me know in the comments below! I haven’t seen them all but I’d love to.

Want to go to Windsor Castle and pay less?

In September 2013 (the time we visited), I saved time and money by buying a GroupSave ticket, which meant that we were able to receive 4 tickets for the price of 2. We also received a discount on each ticket! This also allowed us to skip the line which appeared to be at least an hour long! It just shows that careful research and planning does pay off 😀

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