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Florence is one of those cities that I wanted to take my parents to purely for its romantic atmosphere. To me, it is a city that inspires artists, architects and tourists like us who appreciate a beautiful city!


Looking at the food inspires those that appreciate the flavours of Italian sandwiches made from freshly baked bread and local ingredients, the natural sweetness of gelato and aroma of fresh pasta.


The Cathedral looks like the backdrop of a painting during the morning and night.


The river and nearby surroundings glows with golden hues.


Florence – the city I will always love!

My Florence tips

  • For fresh sandwiches: All’Antico Vinaio has been number 1 on trip advisor for quite some time. For just 5€, they can make you a sandwich with freshly made focaccia bread and any topping of your choice!
  • For gelati that tastes exactly like the flavours suggest: Gelateria de Neri won my heart!
  • I have been to Florence before, so please check out my previous post here.

What do you love about Florence?

Do you have any tips for Florence? Comment below and let me know.

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