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Ahh Pisa – it’s not my favourite city and I have been there before, but it must be on the list of places to see in Italy even if you are just there for one day!


During our trip to Pisa in September, I had a very bad case of morning sickness. I didn’t feel like eating and I was incredibly cranky. At 8 weeks pregnant, I couldn’t tell my parents about the baby yet, so they just thought I was having an off day. I managed to maintain my smile and poise when taking my parents on a tour around Pisa.

They loved it. They thought the river was magical – we had a view of the river from the hotel room window.


They enjoyed the simplicity of the food. But most of all, they enjoyed taking the typical touristy shots of themselves trying to hold the tower up! We spent hours enjoying the architecture and general vibrant atmosphere that surrounds the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It’s definitely worth a second visit just to see the look on my parents face when they attempted to pose for the photos!



What do you think of our pictures? Did we do a good job?

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