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Monaco is famous for a lot of things such as the Montecarlo Casino, the Grimaldi Royal Family and the Prince’s Palace.

The last time that I visited Monaco was in the summer of 2011, during my honeymoon. Back then, the sun was shining brightly and the sky was as blue as can be. When I visited Monaco in November 2013, it was winter and funnily enough, we experienced the same weather conditions again!


We enjoyed the glorious views of the coastline and explored the area around Montecarlo Casino.



We wandered the harbour area to admire the fair. With most fairs, when you play a game, the prize is usually a stuffed toy. In this fair, the prizes ranged from iPads to mountain bikes! Not a bad prize for a “small town” fair is it?


We sat down for a seafood meal and admired the yachts below. After our meal, Rick and I walked down the promenade and selected our favourite yacht. I noticed that some of these yachts had hundreds of flags attached to the sails to represent the number of places that they had visited.


The Prince’s Palace has always been one of my favourite areas in Monaco to visit. It was the Palace that Princess Grace of Monaco was married to her Princess. I love walking around the surrounding area to look at photos of Princess Grace and her family during some of their happiest moments. Such a beautiful area!


I’d go back again in an instant!

Is there a place that you love to visit, that looks picture perfect every time? 

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