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This is North Beach in the beautiful region of Wollongong, NSW, Australia.

I have been to this beach countless times. Even though I have traveled the world, North beach Wollongong will always be my favourite beach. I remember building sand castles with my siblings, running through the sand, doing cartwheels with my cousins in the nearby salt water pools and jumping the waves with friends.

The beautiful thing about Wollongong beaches is that during the summer months, the weather is gorgeous. Palm trees line the the streets, the cafes serve delicious seafood and foster a casual charm (from my perspective anyway)! The water temperature is cool but it’s perfect for a hot summer’s day!

I love how the beaches and nearby surroundings cater for families and friends, young and old. There are playgrounds nearby for the kids and built in beach huts ready for a beachside barbecue. The grass really is greener too!

When baby C was old enough to wear sunscreen, her first trip was to see the ocean. She loved it. She shrieked with delight as she watched the waves and gazed in awe as the sand ran through her fingers.


We even let her put her feet in the water as the waves gushed towards her. It’s amazing how a baby sees the world. Every new experience opens their eyes to a new world and her delight is contagious. This is a picture of Baby C with her father.


She was so excited that she couldn’t contain her laughter. Although we will be taking Baby C to many more beaches, I hope that North Beach Wollongong will be a special place for her too.

Where is your favourite beach?

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