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I love Fiji. I love the the Bula spirit. I love the fact that there are over 300 islands to visit and I especially love the fact that it’s a tropical paradise that is in close proximity to Australia. In this post, I’ll give you an idea of our experience with taking an infant on a very long boat journey to a deserted island but will also give you a glimpse of my favourite island adventure to date!

Now I loved the gorgeous azure waters of Boracay, Sardinia, Capri and Santorini, but it’s difficult to top the untouched waters of the Fiji island of Tivua. Read on and you’ll understand why this Fiji island paradise is not to be missed.

When we recently traveled to Fiji, we stayed on the beautiful Fiji island of Denarau. It was the perfect location for our first family trip because we were able to access Port Denarau within a 10 minute bus/taxi/car journey. Port Denarau is where the majority of Fiji island tours depart.

Taking an infant on a boat journey to the Fiji island of Tivua

When we decided on our first Fiji island adventure to the Fiji island of Tivua, we were sceptical of the 1.5 hour boat ride. I’ll be honest – yes, it was difficult to take an infant on the boat ride but it was well worth the journey.

We visited during the holiday season so the boat was completely packed with people, but I was happy to note that many families took children and infants with them. Baby C enjoyed the cool breeze, but found it difficult to adjust to the hot climate. We made sure that she drank plenty of fluids and kept away from the sun. This made it much easier for us to enjoy our journey. It was overwhelming when she fussed but it was such a beautiful sight to see the crew get up to sing songs to her and make her giggle.

When we approached Tivua, this is what we saw.

Amazing isn’t it?

Fiji Island of Tivua

Approaching the Fiji Island of Tivua by boat

The Fiji Island of Tivua

The Fiji Island of Tivua looks exactly like the deserted islands written about in story books. The island that is located in the middle of the ocean, completely uninhabited, with fine white sand and crystal clear azure waters brimming with colourful fish.

Fiji Island of Tivua

Fiji Island of Tivua view from our boat

The Fiji Island of Tivua was pure paradise.

Once everyone alighted from the boat, they all made a run for a beach side cabana. With a small infant in my arms, I had no chance of getting a cabana. However, we were really grateful to meet a lovely family who offered to share the cabana with us. This was a relief because just as I stepped foot on the island, Baby C put her head down and took a nap! She rarely ever does this at home so it must have been an overwhelming adventure for her.

Fiji Island of Tivua, view from the boat

Fiji Island of Tivua, view from the boat

Things to do on the Fiji island of Tivua

There are plenty of activities for young and old on the Fiji island of Tivua. Included in our tour package was a range of water activities that ranged from kayaking, snorkling, glass bottom boat and wake boarding. All amazing activities indeed, but with sleeping baby in hand, I decided to sit under the shady cabana and watch the ocean while I enjoyed a delicious barbecue lunch (also included in the tour package).

My husband went snorkelling and came back with stories about all the colourful fish. I do love to snorkel but I’m always afraid to snorkel on my own in the deep ocean. Luckily for me, the other family’s husband was also returning from his snorkelling adventure and it was his turn to watch the kids, so his wife asked me to join her. I jumped at the chance to have a buddy in the ocean!


We snorkelled around the island for awhile and saw a few colourful fish, and although it was beautiful, we we both agreed that we didn’t quite know where to look. Just as we looked up, one of the tour guides was calling everyone for the next snorkelling expedition!

We joined him and off we swam. We swam about 300 metres away from the shore. It was much further than I felt comfortable, but I just took a chance and went for it. The tour guide broke a little bit of sausage into crumbs (yes, not bread!) and suddenly the fish came out of hiding. We saw bright coloured fish everywhere – blue, yellow, green, orange. They were darting around colourful pieces of coral and amongst bright blue starfish. I almost felt like dancing to the ‘Under the Sea’ song from The Little Mermaid because the water had 100% visibility! That’s the beauty of going to an island far far away and almost untouched by human pollution. Totally worth it in my books!

Do you have any more tips for traveling in Fiji? I’d definitely go back again so I’m interested in your suggestions! Comment below and let me know 🙂

In my next posts, I’ll write about my favourite cultural experience and another great island adventure. You won’t want to miss this!

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