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Since having a baby, we’ve found it challenging to find lunch and dinner venues. This weekend, we decided to brunch with friends at The Grounds of Alexandria.

We’ve been wanting to check out The Grounds of Alexandria for awhile since it’s been popping up on my Facebook feed. My friends posted photos of delicious food and gorgeous foliage. Well, after visiting The Grounds of Alexandria, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is this and so much more.

The Grounds of Alexandria has a Cafe where you can brunch with friends (and baby!) in a quirky, fun atmosphere. There are food carts selling home made lemonade, fresh berries and freshly baked mouth-watering pastries that could rival those served in hatted restaurants!


Oh and to top it off, there is a beautiful flower store complete with rainbow roses!! Amazing right?!

This is my idea of bliss!


We enjoyed an organic brunch in the Cafe and then moved into the outdoor area to nibble on pastries and hot donuts. So much sugar but so worth it!


We even took baby C to the mini farm section where she cooed at Kevin Bacon, the resident pig and mascot, giggled at the goats and pointed with excitement at the pony. She was unsure of the extremely feathery chickens but still seemed to enjoy watching them.


Would I go back to The Grounds of Alexandria again? Yes!

Do you have any suggestions for brunch, lunch or dinner in Sydney? Comment below and let me know!

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