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Fiji is one of those island getaways where the list of things to do is endless. There were 300+ islands to choose from and not all of them were quick trips from Denarau. When travelling with an infant, we knew our limitations.

People think you’re crazy when you want to book a Fiji island tour with an infant

When we first asked about island tours, most of the tour desk agents were shocked that we would want to take our infant on a boat at all. They insisted that we stay on the island of Denarau and enjoy the the hotel. We spent many hours relaxing by the hotel pool while enjoying the scenery, but we were keen to visit some islands.

I was content after our first island trip to the beautiful Fiji Island of Tivua. We realised that although Baby C was a very patient little girl, we didn’t want to push her limits. So, we booked a quick half day tour to the South Sea Island. A half day tour was ideal because it allowed us to explore the island and be back in time for lunch.

Fiji South Sea Island

The South Sea Island

The South Sea Island is only 30 minutes by air-conditioned boat from the Port of Denarau. The South Sea Island has a pebbly beach and surrounded by a coral reef and an abundance of sea life. To reduce the impact of tourism on the island, we were required to alight from our air conditioned boat and taken to the island in a much smaller tin boat.

Fiji South Sea Island

All water activities were included in our package so we jumped at the chance to ride in a submarine for the first time ever. We were able to see parts of the ocean that would have been too far to snorkel to and too choppy to scuba dive in. Baby C loved it. She was amazed by the colourful fish and remained glued to the window at all times. We even heard baby-like squeals of excitement when large fish would swim by her window. It was adorable!

Fiji South Sea Island

After the submarine experience, I spent most of my time sitting under the cabana with Baby C while she napped. Since all drinks were free on the island, I sipped away at my water and enjoyed the cool, ocean breeze. If you enjoy a drink of the alcoholic variety, beer and wine are also included in your package which I thought was pretty good value 🙂

Face to Face with a shark

While I relaxed, Rick was having the opposite experience. He decided to brave the extremely buoyant waters and snorkel unaccompanied.

The tour company had marked the areas that were safe for snorkelling so I was not worried. Rick is a strong swimmer. However, I did start to worry when I saw Rick running swiftly towards me.

He threw off his snorkelling gear and cried out “I just swam with a shark!”.

Apparently, he had ventured on the edge of the snorkelling zone and swam face to face, eye to eye, with a 1 metre long reef shark. Now, I have swum with sharks before so I wasn’t too worried about a reef shark, except for the fact that Rick had stubbed his toe earlier that day. That’s right, sharks can sense blood! You would have thought that this episode would cause concern, but no, Rick decided to gather up his courage and return to the water. He is braver than I!

What is your favourite experience on an island? Comment below and let me know.

In my next posts, I’ll write about my favourite cultural experience that involves food. You won’t want to miss this!

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