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I love brunch! I love brunch on weekends especially because it’s a relaxing start to the day and a great way to catch up with friends on the weekend. This weekend, we caught up with our lovely, soon to be married friends. Baby C adores them and is always ready to dance around and play peek a boo! image We decided to try out a much talked about bakery, Black Star Pastry in the trendy suburb if Rosebery. There are two things I look for in a brunch venue (1) atmosphere (2) good food The Atmosphere The atmosphere in the Black Star Pastry Cafe also made us feel relaxed. We didn’t feel rushed and we also felt comfortable taking the baby with us. In fact, there were quite a few tables where a baby or child was present. Although there was a long queue for tables and takeaway, the tables were reasonably spaced. The Food Black Star Pastry boasts award winning pies and scrumptious desserts. When we ordered brunch, I had to have the beef brisket and beer pie and the strawberry watermelon cake with rose scented cream. Rick didn’t know what to order but was assured by the staff that he would thoroughly enjoy the quiche Lorraine.

“It tastes sexy” was her exact description of this savoury treat

Oo la la was I in for a treat! We ordered coffees and salted caramel milkshake which was a perfect accompaniment to the meal. The beef brisket and beer pie was beautifully covered in golden, puff pastry and tasted devine. The quiche was surprisingly fluffy and I guess kind of sexy? But the strawberry and watermelon cake with rose scented cream stole the show. The watermelon layer was a nice surprise and the cream was just the right level of sweet. I can see why this dessert graced every table in the Cafe! image Do you like the sound of these treats? Click like if you do! Do you know of any other great great cafes in Sydney? Comment below and let me know! Do you want to know more about travelling the world (and exploring Sydney) with a child? You have come to the right place so subscribe now and follow me on Facebook and twitter! Let’s connect!