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Taronga Zoo has always been a firm family favourite day out when I was a child. My parents used to take us there every summer and I remember being amazed at all the interesting animals that appeared to fall out of the pages of my book and into the sunny surroundings of Taronga Zoo. Read on to find out why I think Taronga Zoo is the perfect family day out for all ages!

Panoramic Views of Sydney

Where else can you see animals outside of the wild, living in one of the most beautiful suburbs of sydney. Taronga Zoo is located in the leafy suburb Mossman which is framed by the epic views of Sydney’s shoreline. This is a picture I took with my iphone as I stepped foot into the zoo. Where else can you see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House in the one frame?


The Magic of Taronga Zoo

I’ve since taken my little family back to Taronga Zoo twice and I must say that the magic is still there. We went to the zoo with my husband, our 12 month old, some friends and their two year old (Miss M) in tow. We weren’t sure what to expect and whether the kids would even care to see the animals. Boy were we taken by surprise! Miss C made ‘roaring’ sounds when she saw the tiger, she ‘oohed and ahhed’ when she she came face to face with the giant gorilla, screamed when she saw the crocodile and squirmed when she saw the tiny tortoise. Miss M, was just as excited. She even named the elephants ‘Mummy, daddy and baby’ elephant!


Family fun day at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Family fun day at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

The giraffes and zebras were my favourites. The giraffes are lucky enough to enjoy harbour views from their home and the zebras, well they are just so pretty!



The Seal Show was Baby C’s favourite. I felt a sense of deja vu because when I was pregnant with her, I was in Valencia (Spain) watching a Dolphin Show which was set up in a similar way! I remember really enjoying the show and beaming from ear to ear. Fast forward to now, and Miss C was doing the exact same actions! She was screaming with joy, clapping and looking around with wonder. She sure loves animals! To top it off, where can you see a seal show with this sort of view?!


Tips for planning your trip to Taronga Zoo

We spent the entire day at the zoo and absolutely loved it. Are you ready for your trip? If so, have a read of my checklist below and you’ll be sure to enjoy your day too!

  • Bring a good camera! We forgot ours so had to use our iPhones.
  • Bring lots of snacks, water and picnic style food. The cafes there have a limited (expensive) range and many are not so healthy options.
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat. There are limited undercover areas and you will be walking around quite a lot. The Australian sun is beautiful but can be harsh!
  • To start your day, walk from the top of the zoo to the bottom and then ride the FREE cable car all the way back up the top, where you can then exit the zoo. This was a saviour when the toddlers decided that they were too tired and no longer wanted to sit in their strollers. If we walked back up, it could have taken an hour. I know this as I walked back up the first time we visited the Zoo with Miss C!
  • Finally, bring your imagination! There’s so much fun to be had for all ages 🙂

Have you been to the zoo? What is your favourite animal and why? 

I’ve been to many zoo’s around the world, but I must admit that my favourite has been my local, Taronga Zoo. If you want to read more about my previous zoo adventures, check out the links below:

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