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When I think back at my Fiji trip, one of my favourite memories was on the very last night where we went to the CocoPalms Cultural Show. The show is located within the Westin Denarau hotel grounds and showcases everything that Fiji has to offer – well the most important things to me anyway. This was the second cultural show that I went to and although not the most authentic, it’s definitely the best one to take your family – especially an infant!

We went to an authentic cultural show earlier in the holiday and let’s just say it was the most horrible holiday experience I have ever had – I’m still debating whether to write a blog post about it so let me know if you’re interested!

The CocoPalms Cultural show had it all – the kava Ceremony, the meke dancing, men bravely walking on hot rocks and last but definitely not lease, a delicious buffet of Fijian mains and desserts.

1. Amazing Performances

During the kava Ceremony, the tribesman grind the roots of the plant used to make the kava drink and then offer it to the diners. Tasting kava was like drinking dirt and then suddenly feeling sleepy so I didn’t try it this time, but the ceremony was quite interesting. Whenever you visit a Fijian village, you will be offered Kava by the chief as a welcome gift. Although we were technically not visiting a village, the cultural show gave us a [glamorous] glimpse of village life.


2. The Fire Walkers

As the cultural show progressed, the fire walkers walked on the hot rocks for seconds at a time. They had bare feet and it made me gush in amazement how they could just stand there without fear or pain on their face.


3. Delicious Food

The performance continued with traditional Fijian meke dancing which made our family want to get up and dance with them, followed by the presentation of the Lovo.


The Lovo is food cook in a fire that is lit in a hole in the earth, and covered. The food tastes like a really smokey barbecue and because it is cooked all day, the meat is melt-in-your-mouth fantastic! They cooked chicken, cassava, pork and even green leaves in the Lovo. It was my favourite type of meal to eat in Fiji and definitely something not to be missed when you visit this beautiful country!


Once the Lovo was presented, the buffet area was opened and we enjoyed a scrumptious feast while being educated about Fijian tribal costumes and traditions through song and dance.


We learnt about Fijian history, including their past practice of cannibalism (horrified look on my face). When the performer ran out imitating a cannibal warrior, baby C screamed and cried but was put at ease when he took a photo with her later that night while displaying a big grin on his face!


The performers were amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better dining experience. The food was so good that I actually came back for seconds 🙂



If you are in the Denarau area and want a glimpse of Fijian culture and taste amazing food, then check it out.

What was your best cultural show experience in Fiji?

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