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Hello there!

I started this personal travel blog as a way to connect with fellow travelers and since moving to London, as a way to keep my friends and family updated about my adventures

If you like my writing style or have suggestions for blog posts, feel free to contact me on email: and follow me on twitter @part_of_myworld. I’d love to hear from you!

I would be happy to review travel locations, restaurants or sites but will always give my honest opinion, whether they be good or bad.

All photographs and content cannot be used without my consent.

All opinions on this blog are my own and I am not paid to write any content. If I am paid for any content in the future, I will state this in the specific post. 

If you’re interested in contributing a guest blog post and/or pictures, video, or other multimedia, send me an email at with your proposal and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for dropping by the blog and hope that you enjoy your visit!




8 thoughts on “Contact me”

  1. Hi Christine! What were you doing back in Australia and now that you’re in London? Related jobs or…?

    • Hi there, I do project work in risk and IT so my work in London is similar. Are you also considering a move offshore? If so, I highly recommend it 🙂

      • I’d love to do that, but I need to save a lot of $$$ first. Apart from that, Asians being Asians, family is a responsibility, though my parents are independent, I’m not really ready to ‘leave’ them. My partner and I are thinking of migrating when we have settled down 😉

  2. Hi Christine,

    I just nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. Details right here: Congrats!

  3. Anonymous said:

    What hotel did you stay at in the Amalfi coast and was it expensive?

    • We stayed at the best Western. It was about $250 per night at the time but that was 4 years ago so might be different prices now. I would stay at a different hotel if i returned to Amalfi.

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